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Anyone who has planned and executed an awards program for their organization knows that it is a lot of work; tons of emails, spreadsheets, files full of photos, and on and on…

Or alternatively, you have already made the switch to an awards management software, but are tired of the high and ever-increasing prices & lack of customization.

This is where Awardify comes in. Awardify is an awards management platform. It will eliminate the piles of emails, spreadsheets, and so on, and will do so without breaking the bank.

For seven years, Awardify has helped Associations and Chambers of Commerce find a better way to organize and execute their awards program.

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Flexible awards structure

Your organization is unique, so why should you force your awards process into someone else’s mould? With multiple levels of categorization, you can structure your awards to suit your members and your workflow.

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Complete control over every category

Create custom entry forms and judging criteria for each category in minutes. Collect exactly the information you need with field types such as rich text, radio and checkboxes, embedded media, and uploaders for mp3, images, documents, videos, and more.

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Simple, straightforward judging

Configuring criteria is easy. Create as many or few criteria as each category needs simply by setting a criterion’s title, description, and percentage weighting. Judges view the full contents of an entry online, with evaluation tools alongside the entry. Scores are set for each criterion on a simple scale with user-friendly, touch-screen enabled controls. Awardify takes care of the calculations to ensure that the 1-10 score results in the correct percentage toward the entry’s total score.

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Secure, private hosting

Your awards website is hosted on our private server where we control every aspect of your website’s performance and security. Your team and your members are supported by a dedicated developer to ensure your awards season is a good experience for everyone.

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Customizable, user-friendly website

With a comprehensive admin panel, user-friendly members area for entry submission and judging, and a fully-fledge public website customized to your brand, you are in command of how you promote the good work of your members.

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All aspects of Awardify are designed mobile-first, from the admin panel to the members area and the public website. Complete all your administration, submission, and judging from any device.

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Online payment

Accept payment online (entry fees, gala night tickets, sponsor signups) by credit card, or give entrants the choice to pay manually by invoice. Set entry fees for the whole season, or fine-tune category by category. Payments are processed by Stripe, a leader in online security.

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Public voting

Let the people have their say. Finalists assigned to voting rounds appear on a special website designed to make voting simple and engaging. The voting website is customized to your brand, and can run on a custom domain to put you in control of how you present your finalists to the public.

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Sponsors are saved as a library to reduce your setup work each year. You can add sponsors to an awards season, or assign them to particular categories. Your sponsors are displayed boldly on the public website, in a simple grid or sized by rank, to showcase the people who support you. And with a customizable sponsorship signup form, you can grow your network with ease.

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Data exporting

Entries and public voting export to CSV, allowing you to work with your data in Excel, or import into another database or app.

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Personal support

We know running an awards season is a mammoth task! Take the headache out of it by working one-on-one with a dedicated developer to make sure your awards go off without a hitch. Connect with us by text, phone, email, or video chat. We’re committed to making Awardify friendly to humans.

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Awards Management Made Easy