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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not addressed below or need a function that is not currently on the platform, please do not hesitate to reach out! Awardify is flexible, and easily adapted to your specific needs.


Can Entrants duplicate their entries for multiple award shows?
Not currently. Entries are tagged by the category for which it was submitted. Each category can have a unique set of fields and criteria, so in order to submit an entry to multiple categories, each category would need the same set of fields. Presently there isn’t a way to duplicate entries.
Are all the submissions and their content stored online?
Yes. Admins can view past seasons using a season filter in admin. The information is all stored in the Awardify database.
Once an Entrant has submitted an application is it locked?
Entries can be edited up until the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, entries can be viewed, but not changed. 
Is there a limit to the number of entries one Entrant can have?

Yes, the Admins can set a maximum number of entries an entrant can submit. 

What if I need more time for my application?

This can be done, contact your Admin and the Awardify team to extend the deadline.

Can Entrants add links to their social media accounts?
Yes, you would use the “website url” field for this. 


Can Judges see all entries in a category?

Yes, unless an entry has been deliberately removed from the jduges view. 

Can a Judge access the platform from a mobile device?

Yes, the whole platform has been designed to be mobile friendly, so no problem there.

What if a Judge is unable to participate?
Along with the ‘comments for entrant’ and ‘comments for admin” textboxes in the Judge controls, there is also an “I recuse myself” checkbox, which can be toggled by either the Judge or an Admin, if the Judge is unable to fulfill their duties.


Can the Admin change the content of an entrant's submission?

Yes, there is an ‘Edit Entry’ option when clicking into an entry.

Can the Admin change the category an Entrant has applied for?

Yes, there is a copy button in each entry that allows the Admin to copy an entry from one category to another. The original entry will not be removed, it will need to be either deleted or removed from judging manually.

Does and Entrant need an alias?

There are 3 different options available for aliases. One option is an indexed number, the second is a key that is set-up in categories, using the category reference and then index number, and the 3rd option is an alias based on year, season, member and then entry.  There is also an option to just toggle off the alias and then it will show the actual entry.

Are business logos automatically resized?

Yes, if specific logo specs are needed, this can be specified. 

Can the Admin remove nominations?
Yes, the nominations can be deleted from the list, this applies when a business will not be putting in an application for the award they have been nominated for, or do not fit the criteria. 
Can the Admin remove incomplete applications?
Yes, the admin can delete entries for those who have declined to finish
Can the admin make whatever aspects they choose of an entrant's submission invisible to of the Judges?
Yes. There is an “invisible to Judges” checkbox on all fields admins can use to do exactly that.
Can the deadline for nominations be different for each award category?
Currently the overall deadline can be extended, but not specific to each category. That being said, this is something we could add if need be.
Instead of a name, could an auto-populated ID be created for an Entrant?
Yes, an auto-populated number/letter ID can be created in place of the entrant’s username
Is there a place to test the platform?
Yes, here are the links:

    1. Public site:
    2. Admin:
      1. user:
      2. pw: awardifydemo
      3. URL:
    3. Entrant:
      1. user:
      2. pw: awardifydemo
      3. URL:  
    4. Judge:
      1. user:
      2. pw: awardifydemo
      3. URL: 
Can multiple Administrators be working in the platform at one time?
Yes, you can have unlimited administrators and they can be logged in simultaneously
Is there a way for the Admins to track their contact with Entrants?
Currently this is not a functionality within Awardify but we are moving in that direction. This would be to track the emails they have received, the phone calls we have completed, and any other notes that come out of those interactions.
Can the Admin send Emails from Awardify?

As of today, Awardify has the following email functionality:

  1. Nomination and entry notification emails — to the person who submitted a nomination, to the nominee, and once an entry has been submitted. Admins can edit these emails in their season settings, and can override the emails for each individual category.
  2. Mass email campaigns – email campaigns can be created and sent to Entrants, Nominees, Judges, anyone within your system who has an account.  These recipients can be further sorted by account status. 
  3. Ticket purchase emails — in the “Events” area of admin, admins can control the contents of the email that sends when a person buys tickets for the gala event (or any other event they choose to create in the Events area of Awardify).
Can the Admin send reminders to Entrants?
The short answer is yes. Here’s how it works:

  1. In the “Account” area of admin, admins can enable entry reminders in the “Entry Process” section. There is a checkbox they can turn on and off.
  2. The first time reminders are turned on, 3 reminders are programmed for every entry that still has a deadline in the future: 2 weeks before, 1 week before, and 2 days before.
  3. Each morning, the server checks all accounts to see if any entries need reminders. The entry’s status is checked at the time of sending so that people don’t receive inaccurate reminders. “What? I did that already!”
  4. When valid reminders are found, the emails go out, grouped by member so that people receive a single email listing all their incoming entries instead of a flock of emails every time. The email gives the names and deadlines for each entry, and the website URL where they can log in to complete the entries.
  5. When an email finishes sending, it is marked as ‘sent’ so that no one gets duplicate emails.
Is there a place for the Admins to add/see Sponsor details?

Yes, by default there will be a Sponsors page on your website. The template for this page will display any information in their Sponsorship Profile. This may include logos, website links, names and an optional writeup about the sponsor. 

Does Awardify have the ability to or plans to link to external databases?

There is an API for extracting data. If you were interested in integrating Awardify into your CRM there are likely some options available but we would need to explore that independently for every case. 

The Website

What is Awardify built on?
On the backend, Awardify runs primarily on PHP (7.4 currently, will be 8+ later this year). It is a custom system, so it isn’t dependent on any external framework.
How long does it usually take to build the Website?
This would depend on the size of the Award Show, a large, 14-category award show could take up to two weeks, with smaller events taking less time. 
Is there a page-preview option when building the website?
Yes, when building a new season you can choose “preview” to see how the pages will look without them being live
What elements can we add to the platform that only Finalists and Winners can access?
This is not currently in Awardify, but it is definitely something we’re looking at, for elements like videos and winner badges. 
Does Awardify have SSO (Single-Sign-On) functionality?
SSO is an optional add-on feature that is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Contact Awardify to learn more.


What's the difference between a set-up fee and a subscription?

The set-up fee is a one-time charge to create your account, the subscription is a yearly fee for the use of the platform.

How are Entrant payment receipts received?
When a member completes a submission (either by selecting manual payment or by paying online), a payment record is created in the database. Each entry that was in the cart is included in the payment record. When a member has selected ‘manual payment’, the record will call itself an “invoice” and will call itself a “payment” once payment has been received.

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